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Not only does UCE have a professional R & D team which strives to stay ahead of PCB industry, but also we are adiligent sales team. UCE sales team cooperates with powerful companies in the industry and forms a worldwide sales network. We are dedicated to providing global customers with high quality products and service.
Sales Hotline:(86 769)8928 7088
Sales E-mail address:info@uce-online.com
UCE has an international service network with headquarter in Dongguan and two service centre in Jiangxi and Suzhou. Our service covers southeast & northwest China, Italy, Russia, Korea, UK, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, USA, etc. Well-trained, sophisticated and professional engineers are striving to provide the best service and overcome any challenges all the while. UCE pursues the highest customer satisfaction.
Customer Service HotlineUCE (Zhutang)(86 769)8928 7088

Suzhou Branch(86 512)6587 1693

Jiangxi Branch(86 796)8751 886
Fax(86 769)8756 9938
Customer Service E-mail:service@uce-online.com